This is a small article I posted in the Auroran Newspaper to help inspire people to try Qiqong for themselves.  Thank you to Daisy for many of the words below.

Qigong: Ancient Chinese Healing for Modern Times

“If you want to be healthy and live to 100, do Qigong.” – Dr. Mehmet Oz

Five thousand years ago, the Chinese practiced a secret self-healing art behind closed doors called Qigong (“chee-gung”). Practitioners were reported to have radiant skin, very strong muscles and bones, and a deep sense of peace and tranquility. The exercises were said to be simple and gentle, yet it was whispered that regular practice could reverse serious illness and the ravages of aging.

The gentle, rhythmic movements of Qigong reduce stress, build stamina, increase vitality, and enhance the immune system. It has also been found to improve cardiovascular, respiratory, circulatory, lymphatic and digestive functions.

Many practitioners describe an improved sense of health and well-being, a diminishment of stress and/or fatigue, healthy weight loss, and the elimination of pain, among other health benefits. People do Qigong to maintain health, heal their bodies, calm their minds, and reconnect with their spirit.

Qigong’s great appeal is that everyone can benefit, regardless of ability, age, belief system or life circumstances.

Today, more than 100 million people practice Qigong. It is often part of a well-rounded health and fitness program, while also being used as a complementary therapy in hospitals and clinics in China and the west.

See Daisy Lee demonstrating the ‘Swimming Dragon’ from Wuji qigong click here

The Radiant Lotus Women’s Qigong (RLWQ) in Aurora Ontario

A beneficial, affirming program for all women, RLWQ is especially helpful for women undergoing changes in their health, including challenging cycles, hormonal issues and menopausal symptoms.

RLWQ focuses as much on emotional health as on physiology, taking the whole woman into account.  It provides options for releasing old energy patterns in the body while encouraging the body’s natural immune systems. The response from attendees has been overwhelmingly positive. Women are integrating RLWQ into their lives and enjoying tangible, invigorating results.