Qigong 2020

Discover the gentle power of healing Qigong for Women!           

Hi qigong friends,

I am teaching a very limited amount at the moment.  email me if you are interested in a class or workshop in qigong.

thanks so much



 Fall session Last class Dec. 11th. MONDAYS Sept. 18th-Dec. 11th  7pm-8:15pm 12 weeks $195

 Winter Qigong dates, times, locations coming soon.  



In Qigong we learn to experience chi (energy) and play with chi – with attention, intention, movement, stillness and breath awareness. Through unblocking stagnant energy, gathering energy, moving energy, focusing energy, storing energy and releasing energy we drop into the Natural Space of alive relaxed awareness.  Come explore various forms of qigong including Radiant Lotus Women’s qiqong, Sheng Zhen qigong, and other wonderful forms.  Experience the space of deep compassionate silence within your busy life through qigong!

Location: new times/locations for 2018 coming soon

  • Please pre-register by emailing qigongyes@gmail.com & come a few minutes early to sign in.

No drop-ins unless by personal arrangement with Andrea

Radiant Lotus Qiqong  & Sheng Zhen Gong  & Qiqong for Detox and Cleansing,  5 treasures, Morning Qigong,  and more in Aurora or near,  Ontario!

Video qigong links of some qigong masters I’ve studied (teacher trainings) and or respect.

Daisy Lee,  radiant lotus women’s qigong master teacher,

Francesco Garripoli Organ Cleansing form

Sheng Zhen Qigong, Master Li Junfeng

Robert Peng  Qigong of Ecstacy

5 Treasures Qigong National Qigong Association