“If you want to be healthy and live to 100, do QIQONG.” – Dr. Oz

Master Qigong teacher 'Daisy Lee'

Master Qigong teacher ‘Daisy Lee’

“Qiqong (chi gung) is a 5000 year old ancient healing art from China. Qiqong is used in Traditional Chinese Medicine and most martial arts at a subtle level.  Universities in North America are now offering acupuncture programs in mainstream medical trainings and Qiqong stimulates the same points (meridians) used, without the needles. Qigong is scientifically proven to reduce hypertension, high blood pressure and to boost overall immunity amongst its many benefits. In China it is used to prevent and treat even serious illnesses.  There are over 100 million people practicing Qiqong in China now.  The Chinese government supports people learning Qiqong as it saves them billions of dollars in health care costs annually.

Qiqong has been shown to; improve immunity and cellular health; increase oxygen levels in the blood; increase physical balance, mental focus and emotional health; prevent disease and deterioration in the physical body; support the release of stagnant energy patterns adopted from family or society.

A new form in North America: Radiant Lotus Women’s Qiqong (RLWQ) is an empowering, nurturing and self-healing program for women that was taught to Master Qiqong teacher Daisy Lee by the founder in Tibet.  She was told to share it with the women of the ‘West’ for the first time as they need it!  Her teacher was over 100 years old! RLWQ integrates the principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine affect the needs of a woman’s  unique anatomy. RLWQ has demonstrated miraculous responses in women that practice it in the areas of: uterine cysts, period pains, breast tenderness and menopausal discomfort. This program has also been show to facilitate the release of toxins while balancing female hormones.  Practitioners have reported increase awareness, uplifted mood and a deep joy for life.

Radiant Lotus Women’s Qiqong is a powerful set of exercises designed to help balance female hormones and release blocked energy, while also increasing flexibility, strength, power and grace. Beautiful, simple flowing movements combine with pressure point and massage techniques, sound vibration and meditation to open up the body’s energy channels. Sacred Tibetan Sounds specifically for women  using breath, movement, intention and vocals to clear stagnation from the heart and lungs, especially helpful for releasing grief or anger. Designed for women, these teachings offer a pathway to radiant health, inner peace and a positive outlook on life. ”

This article was co-written by myself and Daisy Lee and my editing friend M.B.