5 mornings Oct. 26th-30th 2015 8:45am-9:15am in the Lebovic Room Aurora, Ontario, Public Library $50.  Suitable for Men and Women. 

Start your day off with a half hour of qigong for five days to experience how a simple 1/2 hour daily routine can make a diference in your day and life!

You will learn a 30 minute qigong routine that combines gentle stretches and energizing exercises, ending with a guided meditation to help you sense a deeper part of yourself, thereby helping you to live life from a relaxed, and clear space within.  The routine will give you energy, a sense of aliveness and fresh vitality for the rest of your day.   Once you learn it, you can use it at any time of the day to give you a pick up. 

The idea is to commit to all 5 days.  If you only want to attend one class, the first class will be the only time you can attend.  Cost is $15.