For a well rounded joyful yoga class that addresses all levels of Being. Enjoy feeling deeply relaxed with a happy body and refreshed spirit! Every class is a varied expression of the available tools yoga has to offer and spontaneous elements abound.

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My Yoga Class Style and Format

I teach in an informal manner with a wide variety of postures in every class. My classes are never exactly the same, and are tailored to the people present. Basically I teach with the goal of helping You and the body feel alive, balanced, relaxed and refreshed. Some days we do a variety of poses; standing, balance, lying down, twists, sitting etc. On other days we might not even get up off the floor.

On a deeper level we focus on you learning to explore and discover your body as it is and start from where you are. The two words ‘Ah Yes’ embody the 30 years of yoga that I have practiced! So much of life we are in a state of resistance; we want things to be different than they are; situations, relationships, jobs etc. In the class we learn to watch our inner resistance and attitudes and the inner relationship with the body. The invitation is to observe the relationship of thoughts, emotions, intention and body.

Usually a class begins by encouraging people to focus within. This is done through a guided body scan or through the practice of simple breathing and meditation. However there are no steadfast rules in my class so we may do neither. After teaching for so many years I have learned to tune in to the class to establish what would be of most benefit to the group energy at that moment and go from there. At the end of each class I take everyone through a guided deep relaxation. I believe that is the most important part of the class.

As you allow yourself to rest deeply and become present with whatever is arising from within during the asanas (postures), breathing and meditations, the more powerful the class will be.

Practicing yoga is about learning to be conscious and fully Awake in Life. During the yoga class you will be encouraged to notice your thoughts, emotions, attitudes, body sensations and breathing patterns and the space around it all. My hope is that during yoga class you will learn to open up to what’s inside. Your Self …the Space of Stillness. Then you learn to rest in that Space off the mat in all areas of your life.

Om Swaha